Busy versus Productive

It has been a very interesting week for me. There have been several realizations in my personal, business, and academic (as it comes to an end) lives. I have the multiple things I do regularly in several posts, interviews, and everyday life. My design firm has never been busier , my comic studio has our first publications coming out, my banking financial career isn on the rise, I contribute to a new blog, and most importantly, my time with the academic community is coming to an end. The point I am trying to make is simple, and no, it is not to stroke my own ego, it is a simpler point.

I realized there is a difference between being busy and being productive.

I know this blog has a focus on science and all the parts associated with it. This can range from interesting articles that have real world applications like Wajihah has written or range more along of the lines of a point of view, like as I have done in the past. And I guess this one would be no different. As you can guess by my opening paragraph, I am a busy individual – a. And more importantly, I love it !

For the past few weeks I have been pretty much booked up solid day in and day out and have only beening home a few evenings a week. At first, I thought this was awesome, but it quickly became a bother as nothing was getting done. I was busy in the sense that I always had somewhere to be and somewhere to go, but nothing was getting done. I realized at this moment my time management has gone to crap. That evening I redid my entire schedule and got back on track.

So why am I telling you all this?

As It’s well known that graduate students and scientists , wea’re busy. But the real question is, what kind of busy?. If you a’re a cardiologist for example, who continually talks about ‘how busy they you are’ but have time to read the Aapple website for a few hours a day at work; , you a’re making yourself busy because you a’re not being productive. In reality, sStudents are no different. Ask a graduate student about their schedule and they will be the first to tell you how busy they are, and the in reality, they are, but it tends to be over exaggerated (I am guilty of this too when I was a graduate student). I wish when I was in graduate school I would take an hour each week to cut the busy-work out of my time (granted a lot of this busy work is usually mandatory by the University or department) so I couldan focus on the work that would lead to results or papers or actually meeting my goals. The reason is this is important is because if you spend all your time doing busy work, you wi’ll have no energy left over for the more important work which will actually contribute to your success .

That is all I have this week and I wanted to post it before my next one cause it really made me have an ah-hah moment. So I encourage you: . Look at where your time is going and are you spending it being busy or are you being productive ?

Matthew S. Lytwyn