To Do

I have been getting asked something as of late, a lot I find. My original plan, like most things I decide to do, have quickly flown out the window compared to what I originally planned. I had this entire thing set up that I would do different posts about different things and set the amount of time it would take me. For everyone who knows me, my sense of time judgement sucks as well. But I digress. I have mentioned it a few times in this blog, but I tend to do several things a week. Each of these thing, however, I approach with the same logic and rules. The way that these came into play in my life are from my time in the scientific industry, and the way I learned to incorporate them wasn’t necessarily from great experience. It was more to avoid the same situations again and again in my life.

So this blog post is simple, mostly to help out Wajihah as I know she has been busy with an excellent post and her doctorate, not relaxing at a cabin somewhere feeding deer. Plus, three Lytwyn posts in a row, yeah, I can see where you as readers would need something new. But without further waiting, here is what I take into account every day that has allowed me to grow, expand, invest, and become an overall better banker, investor, artist, writer, boss, and human being.

1. Worry less about what everyone else is doing. In a nutshell, who really cares. If you’re spending time being concerned what another person is doing, that is time that you’re not spending on your stuff. People are going to do exactly what they want to do, when they want to do it. It is up to you to not care so much, unless it affects you directly, then you have to care, because it can impact you. Students, I don’t care who you are, you do this way too much! And your work suffers because of it .

2. There is no point in talking s*it about people. It is simple, don’t do it. It makes you look petty. This also takes from point one. Every moment you’re talking ill about someone, that is a moment you’re not using your time to improve yourself, make more money, or educate yourself in something new. I also believe that people talk about other people to get attention because no one talks about them.

3. Self-reflection. I am just going to leave this shameless self-plug here.

4. You have the same 24-hrs in a day as an Opera, the difference between you an Opera, is how you use those 24-hours. When I was going through a very hard time in my life about a year back now. I was about mid-way through my MSc that resulted in me switching labs and I became the exact opposite of what I was. The problem is, I didn’t exactly see it. When everything was going sideways, I used my 24-hours a day poorly. Once I started using my 24-hours a day wisely, everything got better. So, how do you use your 24-hrs in a day ?

5. Complaining about something and doing nothing about it. I learned that people love to complain, myself included. It gives them some sort of purpose. Stop doing this!

6. Know your window. This can range in a few different perspectives. I have seen it from students who have been around too long trying to win more awards and should move on, or from students trying to make a degree fit to who they are (I’m guilty of the latter).

What works for you? What are some rules that contribute to your success that aren’t necessarily your typical networking etc.

Till next time!

Matthew S. Lytwyn