And we’re live! (So exciting)

We all know that science is a dynamic concept: everyday there is change occurring. Everyday there are new ideas and new concepts being thought of around the globe with a single focus – to improve our understanding of the world around us.

Science is everything, and everything involves science. It doesn’t matter if it is the experiments performed in the lab, the makeup that you wear, the video games you play, or the car you drive; science is a part of it all.

The aim of this blog is not limited to a single concept. It is at the whim of several parts; the authors who contribute to the blog, current trends in research, and anything that really is of interest to us or you, the reader.

One of the aims of scientific writing is to convey our understanding of the scientific research: to raise our understanding to a higher level and to also raise the understanding of the people around us – as an obligation to scientists.

There are a lot of scientific blogs out there, and even more scientific journals for Re-Spect Science to compete with. But, we will do one thing better; present science that not only affects people in their everyday lives in such a way that everyone can understand, but also to present it in an interesting way.

We will discuss how science encompasses our lives and share our experiences with you. As this blog is ran by graduate students, it will provide a unique view to science, the scientific and academic community as a whole, which is rare to see. After all, science is about thinking outside the box, unless you are Shröedinger’s cat.

By following in Rhett Allain’s words of wisdom; “We can guarantee that we won’t be 100% correct, but we won’t be 100% wrong.”

Welcome to Re-Spect Science.

Wajihah Mughal & Matthew S. Lytwyn
Co-Editors/Authors of Re-Spect Science