Re-Spect Science was created for one single purpose: to allow for the opinions and unbiased publication of students, scientists, and graduates alike. Our aim is simple, to not only inform, but also entertain and provide an outlook into the scientific field from an insiders and outsiders prospective. So we welcome you to our project and encourage you to read, think, and contribute to the start of this network. Welcome to Re-Spect Science!
About the Editors
Wajihah Mughal
Wajihah is a third year PhD Student at the University of Manitoba, currently residing in Winnipeg – the hometown of the NHL Winnipeg Jets team. Her grad work focuses on understanding the genetic pathways associated with cardiac development and heart failure. Her days in the lab include analyzing mitochondria: which are known as the “powerhouse” of the cell that produces ATP – also known as the energy making organelle!

For her, as the creator of Re-Spect Science, “this blog is dedicated to communicating my love for science in a non-scientific way”. Her dedication to create a new form of communication and fill a void in the scientific community will also allow her to build further skills she learned during her studies making her more competitive in the upcoming ‘job hunt’.

After a long day in the lab she enjoys getting a good “pump” at the gym, riding her bikes and some hot yoga to find a good balance between work and play. When she is not doing that, she obsesses over DIY crafts: seriously, right now she is into soap making and can’t get enough of it!

After all that rambling, she hopes you feel like you know her a little bit better now (she is funnier in person than on paper!) Above all, her family and friends are just as important as her career, if not more. If it wasn’t for the and all their love and support during her graduate studies and advice on how to balance life, Wajihah wouldn’t be where she is today!

Enjoy the blogs and the sci-ku’s – her signature send off for those who might appreciate poetry: “the science of metaphors!!”

Wajihah Mughal
PhD Candidate, University of Manitoba

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Matthew S. Lytwyn
Matthew is an enigma to the many realms that he dabbles in, never really staying one place for to long. Matthew is in the final stage of his MSc degree at the University of Manitoba (just waiting on committee revisions) where is studied the utility and application of optical imaging in the diagnosis of asthma in murine models. During the day he works in the financial industry where he will be starting his Mutual Fund licensing in early 2016 and moving into investment analytics with a focus on biotechnology companies. Finally, he runs a small local comic studio, Lytwyn Studios, with their first graphic novel slated for a fall 2016 release (their books have a heavy science focus, shocking, we know).

During his careers Matthew has contributed to over 40 peer-reviewed publications, won multiple awards from around the globe, and been an invited to be a keynote lecturer all over North America for his work on medical imaging. Matthew is excited to help Wajihah with her endeavor on Re-Spect Science and provide an opportunity for scientists to share their opinion not only about how science is being performed, but other areas related to the field as well.

Matthew S. Lytwyn
MSc Candidate, University of Manitoba